Telkom has revamped its mobile Voice bundles. The Pawa voice bundles now has an added value pack including SMS and mobile Internet Data.  

The Voice bundle revamp builds onto Telkom’s strong, consumer-centric ethos, with the telco committed to providing innovative, accessible and refreshingly simple solutions that address the customers’ everyday communication needs. 

Telkom Director,Marketing, Mr. Eric Achola, says: “It is worth noting that SMS and WhatsApp communication are popular among the young audiences who have been actively at home following the prolonged closure of educational institutions due to the current pandemic.”  

Data from the Communications Authority for the quarter ending June, 2020, for the financial year 2019/2020, shows that Telkom’s outgoing voice traffic rose from 486.7 million minutes, posted in the previous quarter, to 524.2 million minutes in that quarter ending June, 2020.  

“Many consumers are now making more voice calls as they reach out to their family, friends and colleagues,” said Mr Achola. 

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Subscribers can sign up for the Pawa voice bundles by dialing *544#.

To keep up with competition, Telkom allows subscribers to buy another bundle before the existing bundle expires.